This interview was held by Rick123Axel .

Wallace Krebs portayed a walker in Season 3 and a prison survivor who died of the flu in Season 4.

What role/roles have you had in The Walking Dead? 

S3E12 ("Clear"). The walker that Rick shot through the car window.

S4E03 ("Isolation"). The victim that Dr. S tries to revive in the opener.

How did you get the role?

Submitted to casting. I'm an amputee so I'm considered a specialty actor.

Did you read the graphic novel prior to getting a role in the show? If so, do you have a favorite character?

I have read the earlier comics. I keep my faves to myself. ;)

What is it like to work with the amazing special effects artist Greg Nicotero?

Greg wasn't on set the day I was a walker, but all of his artists are amazing and professional.

Wallace Krebbs as Walker (Clear) 1

Do you have any interesting or funny stories to tell that occurred in the process of filming the show?

Andrew Lincoln was running lines about 20-30 feet away and he kept drawing his pistol and aiming it right at me, dressed in full walker costume and makeup. After about 5-6 times of being drawn on and not knowing if the gun was loaded with blanks or what, I said calmly, "dude you are freaking me out." He walked up to me and responded something to the effect of "it's okay mate" and proceeded to click the trigger several times to show me it was a prop. I simply replied, "dude, you're British!" I hadn't known up to that point. He chuckled, patted me on the shoulder and walked back over to start rehearsing again.

Did you create your walker a name or backstory for yourself?
Wallace Krebbs as Walker (Clear) 2

That's Acting 101. To be believable on camera, you have to know what your character has been through before the start of the scene, what they want during the scene and how they intend to get it. :) I was a Cell Block D victim and I pictured that I was bitten in the arm by one of the walkers in the cell block. The others quickly amputated my arm, similar to what they did to Hershel's leg, in an attempt to prevent the spread of the infection. Apparently I went into shock from the injury and Dr. S unsuccessfully attempted CPR, which resulted in me experiencing a 'stabbing' headache

Are you currently working on any other projects?

I'm always working on various projects. For film and TV, I answer the call whenever they need an amputee. I also do location photography and continuity.

Thank you again on behalf of the entire wiki! We appreciate it very much!

Thanks, it was fun!

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